Dhoom 3 Release Date - Awaiting Till This Christmas

Dhoom 3 is probably one of the most awaited movies in this year with people wanting to know about Dhoom3 release date. Slated for a release in the month of December on the occasion of Christmas, this movie has great hype attached to it simply because of the loads of special effects and high octane stunts attached to it.

It will be incredible to see how acting stalwart Aamir Khan performs in this genre. Action as a genre is not the actor's forte and it remains to be seen as to how Mr. perfectionist play the role of the antagonist in this movie.

Dhoom 3 Movie Release Date

Unlike other two previous movies in the same franchise, this time Yash Raj Films has maintained a great deal of secrecy over the contents and the look of the movie. Nothing much is revealed. Therefore, the curiosity of the movie goers as well as Dhoom fans have reached fever pitch and all want to know what is so special in the movie.

With regards to Dhoom 3 release date, the film was earlier slated for 2012 Christmas release. However, the producers, makers and the entire cast and crew felt that given the kind of special effects the movie has the production should not do a rush job of it and take time to make sure that the film is a well-crafted movie.

The reason for choosing Christmas as Dhoom 3 movie release date is because it will be a national holiday and with Christmas and New year mood settling, most people will come to the theatres to watch the movie.

Any other time, many are not available as they are work to cater to. But this time, both US as well as the Indian market suffer from a slump due to Christmas related hype and festivities.


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